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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Time Flies

Are we practically in June?  

Is it even possible?  

Where has the time flown?  

As grandparents, we are enamored with these two little rascals whose mother sent us this darling Valentine's Card:

We spent a weekend at the cabin in Island Park.


This was a month full of fun surprises.  

Andrew received his mission call to 
Irvine, California!  

We're not sure what it is that the Killpacks have that California wants, 
but with Andrew being our second Southern California missionary, 
it must be something!  

He will be about 75 miles from Ashley's mission, and he leaves 
3 weeks before she returns home.

Another great surprise was Emily and Adam's gender reveal...

is it a girl or boy?

It's a...

Our ward had our annual fundraiser for the youth, an auction. 

 I made several bibs as well as cupcakes and a cake to donate.

Looking for sunshine, Blaine and I headed to 
Southern California 
for a warm getaway.

The gorgeous Pacific Ocean view from our condo.

Our oceanfront condo.

Balboa Park in San Diego.

I just had to get the photo below to show our kids.  

I guess that "Korihor" is alive and well...(see Alma chapter 30).


Anyway, take a look at the 
Elephant Topiary.

Aubrey had been doing a report on elephants and we knew she'd like this shot.

More Balboa Park...

Mormon Battalion Center
Old Town San Diego 
is a must-see!

Be still my heart...
this was 
The Best 
sourdough bread EVER...
it brings tears of joy to my heart just to see those lovely slices of manna...
I mean bread...lying there on the plate!

Southern California traffic 
(a 30 mile backup due to a semi-truck accident...
it took 3 hours to travel 25 miles).

We spent some time in Southern Nevada with the grandkids 
and in Southern Utah with Blaine's dad.

Three generations!

The day after we left for home, this cutie told his mom that he wanted his hair to be just like his Papa's...thus the slicked-back hairdo... and don't you just love the tie?!


Spencer and Aubrey ran track and competed in field events.

Benson in his "Captain Moroni" pose
(the plastic screwdriver in his belt in his "sword").

April brought a great opportunity for me to be Grammy again
as Amber and Brady had their new baby, Grant, and I got to go help the family.

 Henderson has some of the best neighborhood parks I have ever seen!

Before we left Nevada, we treated ourselves to a night on the town.  
We went to the 
Donny and Marie show 
at the Flamingo.


May brings birthdays at our house.  
Aubrey and I had a combined 
Happy Birthday to Her, 
Happy Birthday to Me, and 
Happy Mother's Day to Me Party.  

Aubrey danced beautifully in her dance recital.

Andrew graduated from Seminary.

He also graduated from high school!

Andrew also went to the temple in preparation for his mission.

Memorial Day 
was a wonderful time to visit family gravesites.

The Field of Honor in Freeman Park...1000 American Flags!

The first picnic of summer!

Aubrey also took the plunge and cut 12 inches from her hair, but before she did, she finally figured out how to make her long hair curl.

We had a great 
80th birthday 
for Garry, Blaine's dad, at his house.  

All went well until a storm kicked up and 
monsoon-force winds and rains 
practically picked up the large outside party tent and about carried it away to the 
Land of Oz.  
Other than that, it was a great party.

I made the cake; a five layer homemade Chocolate Cake.  
Very yum.

Aunt LaNae and little Liam.